It breaks my heart to see many wars around the world. it's just.. sometimes i didn't realize it, you know we have a lot of problems here, like.. poverty, gender equality, education, hunger, ebola, and else. With so many things going through my mind, I just didn't realize about a lot of other things, until my flatmate mention war in their country, i mean of course i know about war around the world, but i didn't know about the real situation, and it's actually really bad. 

What the hell problem with the politicians? people die there and they just don't care. you know what breaks my heart the most? They force 18 year old kids to join the army, of course it's okay if they want to, but it's not okay if they have to. I was crying when i wrote this post, I just couldn't help myself. I mean, what the hell? these kids should study, they should go to college, not going to some fucking war. It's 21st century, but actually we're just like going back to world war II situation. It's really fucked up. You see something bad happen, but you can't do anything.

*I know 18 year olds are considered adults by the law, but prepare them to go to war?*

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