I don't drink alcohol, I drink coffee
I don't smoke (cigarette and weed)
I don't really like parties 
I like books (especially novels) more than I like people
I love movies and I can talk about them for hours
Fantasy and Sci-Fi are my favourite genres
If other girls love puppies or other fluffy animals.. I love dragons and direwolves (but i do like rabbits though and fox)
I fall in love with my music playlists
I'm an adult who still watch cartoons
I read manga and I watch anime
Batman is my beloved superhero
Some people said i'm cool and it was a nice thing to hear, but most of them were drunk and (or) high, so what's the point anyway?
I'm a huge fan of Karl Marx
I love talking with people who care about society, who have interesting point of view
I have a thing for cool nerd guys. The kind of guys who don't talk much, love to read, listen to good music, watch good movies and tv-series, watch cartoons, care about the world and society, open minded and smart, of course.

You think I'm lame? it's okay..
To be honest, I really don't care.

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