I don't know why some people say something stupid, like..

Someone who I don't even know his name: "You wanna go to Radhaus tomorrow night? they play some rock music, we can be ourselves. I really hope I will see you there"
Me: "I'll think about it."

Really? actually I was just like.. "the thing is, I always be myself. I don't need some "rock party" to be myself."

Friend: "Do you have a boyfriend waiting for you in your country?"
Me: "Nope"
Friend: "You should get one here, in Germany."
Me: "Why should I?"
Friend: "Because you're so cool."

So, here's the theory.. I'm so freaking cool, that's why I need a boyfriend. Totally genius.

Friend: "Tell me a song that makes you cry because you feel like shit when you listen to it."
Me: "No song that makes me feel like shit."
Friend: "You're not normal."
Me: "I cry when I'm sad."
Friend: "Come on!!"
Me: "Seriously, I never feel like shit in my whole life. I love myself and I love my life."

Well, I'm not a saint, but seriously I never feel like shit.

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